Nairtime is always looking for talented young individuals or agents interested to start a small business.

    Nairtime will assist you to reach your goal, by empowering you with the tools and the necessary support ensuring you succeed in promoting your business and subsequently Nairtimes Business.

    We’re currently searching for freelance Area Sales Managers not afraid of new ventures.

    Below are the conditions and remunerations, feel free to visit our offices or contact us via email.


    As a freelance employee, you are under no obligation to issue a resignation letter should you decide to resign or to issue a notice prior to leaving our company.

    At the same time the company is under no obligation to issue a termination of employment notice, or pay any monetary compensation for time spent working with our company.

    A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and is not in a long-term contractual commitment to any one employer. As a freelancer you will earn money based on commission for new agents recruited.

    The company however, is willing to support you in paying transport and communication expenses as per below provided that you meet the minimum performance requirements.

    Your performance will be evaluated on a monthly basis, and if your performance is found to be below expected average, you will be notified accordingly and be asked to stop marketing our products and services.


    • Manage the sales pipeline and coordinate sales representatives to achieve monthly sales target.
    • Develop and manage a distribution channel in the assigned region.
    • Prospecting, developing, and acquisition of new accounts with a view towards achieving monthly sales and revenue target.
    • Support dealers and merchants in a manner that ensures uptake of new services and ongoing increases sales.
    • Forward market information and provide recommendation in the field of sales, to management.
    • Liaising with other stake-holders and departments in order to enhance account management on day-to-day basis.
    • Making daily call reports and weekly call plans.
    • Achieve monthly sales targets.
    • Presenting monthly sales to management



    • You are expected to register 40 agents every month.
    • A minimum of 10 agents every month must be registered to qualify for a phone and transport allowance.
    • For every agent registered, you will earn N2,000.00 commission.
    • For Every corporate client you register, you will earn 1% of the initial deposit made.
    • Phone and airtime allowance are fixed at N5, 000 per month.
    • Transport allowance while on field call is fixed at N15, 000 per month.
    • “A registered customer” is a customer that completed his or her application form and paid the initial deposit and started using his account.



    The company expects a high standard of competence, responsibility, integrity and performance from you and we are confident that you exceed those expectations.

    You are required to submit for administrative purposes the following:

    • Photocopy of your international passport or national ID card
    • 2 Passport size photographs
    • 2 Referees’ confidential report