Q. What is Nairtime?
    A. Nairtime is an electronic voucher distribution system that will allow you to sell airtime for major operators from one single device.

    Q. How many operators are currently available?
    A. Four (4) operators are available namely: MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel- more will follow in the future.

    Q. Who can become a Nairtime agent?
    A. Any existing airtime sellers, any individual looking to start a lucrative business, any corporate client that buys airtime for their staff, cell phone shops, supermarkets, religious organisations or unions seeking to generate an extra income.

    Q. How much does a terminal cost?
    A. Terminals are free of charge to registered agents.

    Q. How do I register?
    A. Contact us by email @ business@nairtime.com

    Q. Is the terminal reliable?
    A. Nairtime terminals are rugged and extremely reliable. Our platform uses the latest GPRS communication technology and our device software is user friendly.

    Q. How soon can I start making money?
    A. Immediately! You will earn money as soon as you sell your first top-up or refill.