Nairtime, incorporated in 2012 has become Nigeria’s first and foremost Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) or Electronic Airtime Distribution (EAD) Company.

    Scratch cards are neither convenient, nor safe, nor cheap to handle. Nairtime has introduced a one-stop-shop platform that allows agents to sell airtime of any denomination, of any of the 4 major GSM operators in Nigeria, from one single device.
    We offer airtime of: MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat at discounted prices.

    Nairtime brings the following benefits to Nigeria:
    Our network enables thousands of people to start their own airtime sales business.
    Our service allows hundreds of corporate clients to control their airtime expenditure while earning money.
    Our platform reduces the operator’s costs and risks associated with the distribution of airtime.

    To facilitate market penetration, and encourage small business startups, we offer all devices and platforms to agents, individuals and corporate clients FREE OF CHARGE. To learn more about the business or to become an agent contact us.

    To become a Nairtime Agent contact us or complete the

    *After the agent registers with Nairtime and completes the first deposit in his wallet.


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