• How Nairtime works for Agents and Resellers?

    This is how the system works:

    1. The Agent or Reseller completes a registration form (online or physical at our office).

    2. We will open an account or “wallet” on Nairtime’s system, in the name of the customer and issue a unique agent code.

    3. Agents or Resellers use their agent code to make the initial deposit.

    4. Deposits can be made at ANY Zenith Bank Branch nationwide, using our dedicated X-Path deposit service.

    5. Deposits can be cash, cheque or even a NIBSS transfer.

    6. A Simple training (for about 1-2 hours) will be given on how to use the system.

    7. Subsequent deposits will be credited immediately and automatically to the Agent account.

    8. Agents and Resellers can now start selling airtime from their Mobile Phone or Mobile POS Terminal


  • 9. Two different platform options are available:

    • Mobile POS terminals for both electronic PIN and Direct Top Up airtime sales. This terminal can also be used for operations in areas that have no gprs coverage.

    Both devices will be made available free of charge, conditions apply.

    • Java Phone and application for VTU or Direct Top Up airtime sales.

    10. Multi location friendly system. A large airtime reseller can have one master wallet and several sub wallets assigned to its staff, agents and resellers.

    11. Master wallet can transfer a lump sum amount to each sub wallet whenever needed.

    12. Sub wallet operators can use the funds to refill their staff allowance from their site.